Diocesan Investigation into an Alleged Miracle Attributed to Blessed Alvaro’s Intercession

Archbishop Alfonso Cortés Contreras, Archbishop of León (Mexico), on August 30 closed the process of studying an alleged miraculous cure attributed to the intercession of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, eleven years after his beatification.

Now the acts of the process will be delivered in Rome to the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints to study the case.

The possible miracle consists in the total recovery, in an extraordinarily short time and without rehabilitation, from the consequences of a severe cranioencephalic traumatism. The subject of the cure, Juan Carlos Bisogno, suffered an accident that caused a fracture with temporal collapse and pneumoencephalon, from which he recovered without neurological or psychological after-effects.

Archbishop Cortés declared that he hoped “this new work that has begun will have a happy ending, so that it may be for the glory of God, to show how God our Lord carries out marvelous works in his children and, in this case, in our brother Alvaro del Portillo. May God our Lord be glorified through his life and may his life also be an example for all of us to go forward, to continue serving God and the Church.”

Present at the ceremony were the Regional Vicar of the Prelature of Opus Dei in Mexico, José Ricardo Furber Cano, and the Vicar of the Prelature in Guadalajara, Juan Pablo Wong González, who was charged with taking the acts of the process to Rome.

Romana, n. 77, July-December 2023, p. 224.

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