Taipei, (Taiwan) -- Volunteers with the aged

From July 16 to 23, volunteers from Wen Shan Residence organized a service project in the Ang Kang Community with the help of some friends from Singapore. The young women volunteers, divided into pairs, visited the homes of the elderly, spoke with them and helped them in domestic tasks. They also organized activities outside their homes, for example, accompanying them on visits to their neighbors.

At the end of each day, the volunteers met with the social assistants from the community to evaluate their work and plan activities for the following days.

Once the project was finished, a report was written on each of the homes visited. Its purpose was to keep local authorities up to date on the situations of the elderly people they visited. The authorities expressed gratitude for the girls’ generosity, who in some cases had asked for a work permit to be able to take part in this project.

Romana, n. 39, July-December 2004, p. 259-260.

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