La Paz, (Bolivia) -- Tenth anniversary of the International Year of the Family

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the International Year of the Family, a group of professional men, among them several members of the Prelature, decided to organize a family conference in the city of La Paz under the theme: “The Family: a sure refuge in a time of crisis.”

The gathering was covered by the media, and given support by educational institutions and especially by fathers and mothers seeking effective help in resolving the problems that the family is currently confronted by.

The conference was attended by some 200 people: young couples and those with adolescent children, high school teachers from various schools, representatives of the press, etc.

The topics that provoked the most interest were: communication in marriage, maturity in married love, the authority of parents, and the prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Romana, n. 39, July-December 2004, p. 254.

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