Rio de Janeiro, (Brazil) -- In a fishing village

Seven years ago, the Association for Educational and Cultural Development (ADEC) established by faithful of the Prelature and Cooperators, began a series of social development activities in Jurujuba, a small fishing village on the edge of Niteroi in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The program includes various initiatives in education, crafts, health and recreation for children and adolescents. It arose as a way of putting into practice the spirit of Saint Josemaría, who, by his example and teachings, encouraged many people to put their professional knowledge at the service of others.

Seeing the difficulties faced by the wives of the fishermen, a group of women volunteers sponsored activities of benefit to them and their families. Thus an Association of Fishermen’s Wives was formed to help the women raise the human tone of their homes and families. With the aid of a nutritionist, a series of cooking classes was also organized. Free legal services were offered to the local population through the help of a number of volunteer lawyers.

A nearby community center had a small library that was not being used. The volunteer group cleaned and classified the books in order to encourage the children to read. During 2004 they also began a project called “Health in the Home,” directed by nurses who visited families, gave them advice, and assisted them with their health needs.

Romana, n. 39, July-December 2004, p. 257-258.

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