Montevideo, (Uruguay) -- University Conference on Fashion

On October 7 and 8, the University of Montevideo brought together designers, photographers, students taking courses in design and communication, journalists who cover fashion, publicists and representatives of the textile industry, so that through dialogue and in the light of Christian faith, they might seek ways of having a more positive influence on their professional environment.

The opening conference was given by Raul Lagomarsino, professor at the University of Montevideo. Also speaking were Isidoro Hodara, Vice President of Zonamerica, and Cecilia Dran from the Ministry of Industry. A study by the business school of the University of Montevideo (IEEM) was also presented showing the role of exports related to this sector in the national economy.

The second theme-module was centered on the relationship between the media and fashion. Isabel Robertson, a teacher and consultant in this field, analyzed the role of fashion throughout history. She noted that there was no specific area in the media that specialized in the critique of fashion. She suggested that developing sound and consistent criteria in this field would be a great help for both designers and consumers.

Eileen Hudson, a professor of Social Communication, discussed the presence of fashion in the Uruguayan media. In the following presentation, Carolina Curat, a designer for various Argentinean magazines, expressed her views on fashion as depicted in the media in which she works.

The event was attended by directors and journalists from the most widely distributed fashion magazines in Uruguay, as well as by other professionals in the communications field.

Romana, n. 39, July-December 2004, p. 254-255.

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