Kreuzweingarten, (Germany) -- Dare to develop your own personality

The Haus Hardtberg Center for Home Economics has organized for the second time a seminar for girls in the final years of high school. Under the title “Dare to develop your own personality,” the assistants were given the opportunity to project themselves into the future, looking at their responsibilities and challenges, guided by a selected group of speakers.

The first talk was by Countess Plettenberg, who discussed communication in the family and at school. A lively discussion followed her talk. The afternoon session dealt with the question of good manners, as an integral part of interpersonal relations and a decisive factor in consolidating one’s own personality.

With the help of Elisabeth Püllen, director of the Department of Continual Formation at the Bonn School of Nursing, the girls learned the basic requirements for good communication with patients. These came down to knowing how to be quiet, listening actively and learning to read between the lines.

The second day focussed on the topic of “rhythm.” The talk in the morning was dedicated to health, food and sports. Doctor Zimmermann emphasized the need to recognize the rhythms of nature and time, so as to find one’s own vital rhythm. “In order to enjoy life one has to learn how to renounce things,” said the doctor from the Mühle Therapeutic Center in Trier. Fashion designer Susanne Srobl, from Augsburg, told those present that style not only reflects the occasion that calls for it, but also expresses one’s personality, one’s attitude towards life. Christine Vogl, a cook with an advanced degree in home economics, gave the students an opportunity to put into practice things they had learned by organizing a buffet to close the conference.

Romana, n. 39, July-December 2004, p. 253.

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