Quezon City, (Philippines) -- The Internet and public opinion

In June, young professional women from various parts of The Philippines took part in a seminar on public opinion held at the University of Asia and the Pacific. The seminar focused on the use of the Internet as a means to awaken public awareness in relation to topics of concern to women.

One of the results of the seminar was “Project IPO” (Internet and Public Opinion). A web site was created and seven topics were identified as areas for research and action. Each member of the group was assigned a topic. Among the commentaries received at the IPO web site were a number on the question of population, on natural family planning, and on the document of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the collaboration of men and women in the Church and in the world. In addition to the contribution made to on-line debates, those in charge of the IPO were greatly encouraged by the reaction to their campaigns.

Participants in the on-line discussions included Mary Warren, Patti Francomacaro and Jeanette Kendall, who were involved in getting the “Elegance in Style” initiative underway. Diane Uichangco, a well known freelance writer in the Philippines, also took part, as well as members of the Alliance for the Family, Inc., a local NGO specializing in legislative campaigns.

Romana, n. 39, July-December 2004, p. 257.

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