Yauyos (Peru) -- Solidarity Camp

During their vacation at the end of July, a dozen boys aged 14 and 15, who take part in the Costa Club’s activities, carried out social assistance projects in various villages located at an altitude of between 10,000 and 13,000 feet in the northern part of the province of Yauyos.

The biggest project was carried out in the village of Tomas, where the boys cleaned, sanded and painted the walls of the village school. On the final day they gave the children books, colored pencils, pictures, notebooks, dolls and toy autos. The mayor and the school principal expressed their gratitude to the boys.

The twelve participants in the 2005 Solidarity Camp returned home tired but happy after using their vacation for an activity that brought assistance to others.

Romana, n. 41, July-December 2005, p. 330.

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