Monterrey (Mexico) -- Social work in the mountains

From July 20 to 27, girls from the Alera Club took part in a social work project in the mountains of San Luis Potosi.

Their principal goal was to help strengthen the faith of the area inhabitants, Huasteco Indians who live in extreme poverty.

Leaders from four communities were given courses on how to teach catechism. The girls stressed the importance of the sacraments to parents and prepared a group of children for their First Holy Communion and to receive Confirmation. They also encouraged several couples to regularize their family situation with the sacrament of matrimony. In addition, they gave a short course on human formation to families and carried out educational and recreational activities for the women and children.

The young women who participated in the project were very pleased with their work and, above all, renewed their own desire to live a more intense Christian life on their return to Monterrey.

Romana, n. 41, July-December 2005, p. 325-326.

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