Londrina (Brazil) -- MARE Project

MARÉ is a project of the Caravelas Cultural Center for students who need special assistance in the public schools of Londrina.

The project, which began in January 2002, is aimed at students who are having special difficulties in their classes of Portuguese, English and Mathematics.

Every week a group of high school and university volunteers go to the Msgr. Josemaría Escrivá public school, which is located in a poor neighborhood on the northern edge of the city. There the volunteers look over the assignments given by the teachers and help the children with the more difficult exercises. Besides the regular curriculum, the classes also provide an efficacious formation in Christian doctrine and life.

The project is showing good results. The children receive individualized attention, with a small number of students assigned to each volunteer. The goal of this social development work is to help each child achieve his maximum potential. The parents, who for the most part work outside the home all day and cannot give much time to their children’s studies, have gratefully noticed the project’s benefits.

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