Almaty (Kazakhstan) -- Women's leadership

With the aim of helping to develop a generation of women in Kazakh society eager to participate actively in civic life, the Irtysh Cultural Center in Almaty organized a leadership seminar. In preparation for it, organizers visited ten universities around the country, inviting students to participate. Thirty young women signed up for the event.

A seminar entitled “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” was given in April and May. The objective was to prepare the young women to transmit what they learned to their respective universities. In addition to attending the seminar, they took part throughout the year in various cultural meetings on topics such as “Human Rights,” “Good Use of Time,” “Society and the Person,” “The Special Contribution of Women to Society,” “Women at Work,” “Women in the Home,” and “How to Speak in Public.” The program also included a motion picture forum and other formative activities.

In the final phase, participants presented what they had learned in seminars organized by themselves in Almaty and in other cities of Kazakhstan such as Pavoldar, Astana, Kazylorda and Aktobe, and also in Kirghistan (Osh). More than 500 students attended these seminars.

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