Rome -- Tales of suffering: pages of literature

On Tuesday, October 18, in the Protomoteca Hall of the Campidoglio in Rome, a book presentation took place for Il dolore narrato: pagine di letteratura (Tales of Suffering: Pages of Literature), authored by two women professors from the Campus Biomedico University: Paola Binetti, Director of the Department of Educational Research, and Maria Grazia de Marinis, Dean of the School of Nursing.

The moderator was Domenico Delle Foglie, assistant director of the Avvenire newspaper. Also taking part were Maria Pia Garavaglia, deputy to the Mayor of Rome, and Francesco D’Agostino, President of the National Committee on Bioethics.

The book, published by Critical Medicine Publishing, is meant for all who are interested in understanding more deeply the mystery of human suffering. It seeks to help people raise their sights and open themselves up to hope. Coming close to suffering through literature is a specific way of bringing the human sciences to bear in the formation of doctors and nurses and giving them a greater understanding of suffering.

Romana, n. 41, July-December 2005, p. 328.

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