Taboão, Brazil -- Caring for the environment

The “Women’s Association for Social and University Studies” in February organized the Seventh Studies Seminar on the Hospitality Sector, held in the Morro Velho de Taboão Social Center, on the outskirts of São Paulo. Its purpose was to promote an ecological mentality in daily life—placing emphasis on the value of small actions such as not wasting food, reducing contamination, and reusing products—and thus effectively contribute to the preservation of the environment and the strengthening of a sense of solidarity.

More than a hundred students who combine work with courses in the different schools of the Association took part. The inaugural address was by the former Municipal Secretary of Education of the city of São Paulo, Aparecida Sonvesso. This was followed by a session by Professor Tarcisico Cardieri, director of “Amana-Key,” on “Waste, environmental contamination, and public awareness.”

During the seminar various initiatives presented by participating institutions were awarded prizes, including the panel on “Reutilization of waste and garbage: a lesson in citizenship,” from the Os Pinhais Center for Professional Training; and the round table on “On waste, the use of water, and citizenship,” held by the Bateias and Casa do Moinho schools and the Morro Velho Social Center.

Romana, n. 48, January-June 2009, p. 140.

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