San José, Costa Rica -- Theological and Pedagogical Culture of the Faith

In February the first class of students for the Diploma in Theological and Pedagogical Culture of the Faith graduated at the Veragua University Center, after three years of classes and study.

The program began in February 2006 with the goal of providing a solid knowledge of the Catholic faith and the educational techniques needed to transmit it adequately, at a high academic level.

The women attending take part weekly in a theology class based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The course also includes a plan of personalized in-depth study of Sacred Scripture and the History of the Church, with specific sessions on the inculturation of the faith in Central America. The teachings of Pope Benedict XVI are another reference point for their studies. With the help of tutors, each student can ask questions about notes taken in class and about points that arose while reading the bibliography.

The diploma concludes with a research project on a freely chosen topic. In the first graduation class, these included topics from moral and mystical theology, the History of the Church and Sacred Scripture, relativism, Christian anthropology, instruction in the faith, etc. The second and third year of classes for the Diploma are continuing their studies. And a new class began working on March 7.

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