São Paulo, Brazil -- Horizons Program

Eighty professionals from various cities in Brazil participated in the “Horizons Program,” which was held simultaneously in the Aroeira and Ibiuna Centers of the Prelature from March 26 to 28. The goal was to analyze the role of professionals in the new evangelization, in light of Novo Millennio Ineunte by Pope John Paul II and the teachings of St. Josemaría.

Among those invited to give presentations were Daniel Andrade (Government Secretary of Rio Grande do Sul), Fabio de Toledo (a judge in Campinas), and Marcio Coelho (a businessman). The variety of perspectives provided for a broad reflection on Christian social doctrine.

Daniel Andrade stressed the importance of the spiritual dimension of work and of seeing professional activity as service to others: in the workshop, in the office, the teaching post or, as in his own case, in institutional relations. Fabio de Toledo considered certain laws of special relevance at the present time from the juridical point of view. Marcio Coelho reflected on how to defend family values in the professional and social sphere. The concluding address was given by Msgr. Vicente Ancona Lopez, Regional Vicar of the Prelature of Opus Dei, who recalled some of the teachings of St. Josemaría during his catechetical trip to Brazil in 1974.

Romana, n. 48, January-June 2009, p. 147.

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