Londrina, Brazil -- The Family in Public Opinion

A group of women who take part in the Prelature’s means of Christian formation in the city of Londrina decided in 2000 to start a permanent program of reflection aimed at promoting ethical and Christian values in the media and in local public opinion. Among them are teachers, lawyers, journalists, architects and pharmacists. The majority are mothers motivated by the concern to help improve the ethical environment in which their children live.

The various meetings and debates led to the possibility of collaborating with a television network in Paraná, with a series of interviews on personal and social relationships. This cooperation with the program “Mafalda Mujer,” hosted by TV-journalist Mafalda Bongiovanni (Channel 7 on the CNT network), consists of regular weekly interviews of ten minutes on various topics such as how to combine professional activities with care for one’s home, the role of grandparents in the family, the importance of breast feeding babies, fashions, etc. The specialists taking part respond to various questions and try to provide human and Christian solutions for the difficulties affecting women today and the family as a whole.

The audience profile is heterogeneous (housewives and professional men and women of all age groups), and the number of viewers is quite high. Given the time of the transmission, many hospitals, offices and other public institutions tune in to the interviews. At present the section “Living with joy”—in which the interviews are included—has the highest audience in its time frame.

Romana, n. 48, January-June 2009, p. 144.

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