Arcozelo, Portugal -- Conference for priests in Enxomil

On April 27 a conference on contemporary pastoral questions was held at the Enxomil Conference Center in Arcozelo, near Oporto. This year was the 13th in the series of gatherings. The theme was “Social Expression of the Christian Faith.” About a hundred priests from various dioceses of Portugal took part.

The morning conference was given by Bishop Manuel Clemente of Porto, who spoke on “Church-State Relations: Lessons of the Past and Challenges of the Present.” At the end of his talk he commented on some words of Benedict XVI in his apostolic trip to the African continent that stressed the Church’s role in defending the dignity of the human person and care for the poor. A part of the following discussion centered on the recent canonization of the Portuguese saint Nuno Alvares Pereira.

In the afternoon, Professor Raul Diniz, President of the AESE School of Business and Management, spoke about the intervention of Christians in public life, in light of the current economic crisis. He also discussed the possible causes of this crisis, stressing that it reminds us of the need for a stronger ethical life and a renewal of the human heart.

Romana, n. 48, January-June 2009, p. 143.

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