San José, Costa Rica -- A workshop on fashions and personality

On January 30 and 31 an overnight workshop on “Fashions and Personality” was held for girls from 14 to 17 at the Lari Center for Supplementary Education in San Jose, Costa Rica. This center arose in 1988, begun by a number of families who wanted to integrate the education that their daughters were receiving at home and in their schools. The goals are to teach them to develop intellectual habits, human virtues, solidarity with the most needy, and the ability to make good use of free time. At the same time doctrinal-religious formation activities are offered to help them live their faith in a practical way.

The January activity was aimed at opening horizons for the girls in the development of one’s personality, both in its internal aspect and in external demeanor—since the way one presents oneself, speaks and moves reflects what the person has inside. The director of the activity was Alejandra Flores de Cantillo, a corporate image advisor.

Various activities were carried out directed towards courtesy and good manners in social life, personal communication, proper use of electronic mail and language. Especially popular was a case study involving a young girl who was able to maintain her moral principles in a frivolous environment. At the end the girls drew up conclusions about the way they should act, including the need to frequently go against the current and create one’s own environment, as well as to show gratitude for the care provided by their parents.

The program included practical classes on dressing well, with the choice of the proper colors and patterns for each occasion and for one’s figure, and which also reflect the reality of young people with Christian ideals.

Romana, n. 48, January-June 2009, p. 146-147.

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