Lettera del Prelato dell'Opus Dei al Vicario Regionale della Prelatura per la Gran Bretagna, a motivo del XXV anniversario di Ashwell House, Residenza universitaria femminile a Londra:

Rome, November 7, 1987

My dear Philip,

May Jesus watch over you for me and watch over my daughters at Ashwell House!

I remember my daughters of Great Britain often and I pray daily with affection for our apostolic work in that region which is so dear to me. For that reason, it makes me specially happy to send you these very affectionate lines to congratulate you upon the Silver Jubilee of Ashwell House which you will be celebrating.

Besides being united in thanksgiving to God with all my heart for the many blessings which He has poured out upon that student residence over the course of twenty five years, I pray with intense faith for the work that is being carried on there, with wishes that your service to souls and to society will be greater with each passing day.

I am convinced that our blessed Founder, who had so many hopes for Ashwell House, will lovingly intercede on behalf of your task of spreading human and supernatural formation and warmth, and that he will continue to obtain plentiful graces from Heaven for this endeavour; so that it will become a most effective instrument to re-christianize the United Kingdom and that God will grant that beloved land a marvellous blooming of supernatural fruits.

Do not neglect to pray for my intentions and for me, especially in the frequent visits which you make during this Marian Year to places where Our Lady is honoured.

I congratulate you once again and send my fondest blessing for you all, for present and past residents, for the families of everyone and for your eager longings to serve God and other people around you.

Your Father


Romana, n. 5, Luglio-Dicembre 1987, p. 242.

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