Kianda College è un'iniziativa apostolica sorta a Nairobi nel 1962, volta alla formazione professionale delle donne. Nella ricorrenza del XXV anniversario, Mons. Alvaro del Portillo ha inviato la seguente lettera al Vicario Regionale della Prelatura pe

Rome, September 16, 1987

Dear Pepe,

May Jesus watch over you, and may He watch over my daughters at Kianda College!

Recalling that in October Kianda College will celebrate its 25th anniversary, I write you this note asking you to tell everyone there that I join them wholeheartedly in their thanksgiving to God for the great spiritual and human benefits which so many souls have received during their stay in that dear College.

I remember still the eagerness with which our Father followed the beginnings of this work, in which he had placed so much hope for the expansion of the apostolic activity in Kenya and from Kenya; how much he prayed and got others to pray!

Now our Founder, in Heaven, continues to pray for each of the teachers and students, taking an interest in the noble desires for service which they carry in their hearts. Don't neglect to continue finding support in his intercession and in his teachings, so as to work always according to the spirit which he handed on to us; this faithfulness will lead to the multiplication, from day to day, of the fruit which the Lord in his mercy will continue to send us.

I beg the most blessed Virgin, Regina Africae, during this Marian Year in which you will celebrate the cherished anniversary, to obtain for us abundant graces for the entire task of formation which you carry out, so that Kianda College may be an ever more effective instrument to foster in families a deep Christian sense of life.

I send all of them —parents, teachers, graduates and students— my best blessing

Your Father


Romana, n. 5, Luglio-Dicembre 1987, p. 239-240.

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