Diocesan Phase of the Cause for the Beatification of Toni Zweifel Concludes in Zurich (July 2, 2020)

On July 2, the closing ceremony of the diocesan phase of the cause for the beatification of Toni Zweifel took place in Zurich, Switzerland. The Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Chur, Bishop Peter Bürcher, in the presence of the competent tribunal, the postulator of the cause and many others with a special interest in Toni’s cause, presided over the sealing of the boxes containing the documentation that will be sent to Rome. They contain the testimonies and accounts of numerous graces received through the intercession of Toni Zweifel, which will be studied by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. During the event, a recent biography about Toni’s life was highlighted, as well as a short documentary that will soon be available on the exemplary life of this Swiss engineer.

Toni Zweifel (1938-1989) studied industrial engineering at the Zurich Polytechnic. There he met some faithful of Opus Dei and discovered the possibility of striving for holiness and helping others through his work. Upon finishing his studies, he began working at the Institute of Thermodynamics in Zurich.

Shortly before, in 1962, he had asked for admission to Opus Dei. “When I had attained practically everything I had set out to accomplish,” he wrote to Saint Josemaria Escriva, “and was thinking that now for the rest of my life everything would continue that way, governed by the same desires and ambitions, I felt that something was missing, that I had to go beyond this. I had to love truly and overcome my self-centeredness, and make a decision to commit myself.”

Later, in 1972, his professional life took a new turn as he began working for the Limmat Foundation, a charitable institution assisting educational and social initiatives for the needy in 30 countries around the world.

In 1985 he was diagnosed with leukemia. He accepted his sufferings serenely, with supernatural outlook, and died in 1989. Soon the example of Toni’s generosity, joy and piety led to a growing devotion among his friends and many other people.

Romana, n. 70, January-December 2020, p. 127-128.

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