Some Diocesan Assignments Entrusted to Priests of the Presbyterate of the Prelature

With the permission of the ordinary of the Prelature, the following appointments have been made by the respective authorities in the local Churches:

Rev. Alfonso Chacón Oreja,

Penitentiary Canon of the Diocese of San Sebastian (Spain);

Rev. Ignacio Mora-Figueroa,

Member of the Presbyteral Council of Valencia (Spain);

Rev. Jaime Mendoza,

Spiritual director and professor at the seminary of the diocese of Palos, Manila (Philippines);

Rev. Farrell Peternal,

Rector of the Church of the Holy Cross in Vilnius (Lithuania);

Rev. Pere Pich,

Chaplain of Kaunas University of Technology, Chaplain of Mykolas Romeris University and National Delegate for academic pastoral care in Lithuania;

Rev. Andrés Arce Gargollo,

Spiritual director of the seminary of Xochimilco (Mexico);

Rev. Luis Fernando Valdés López,

In charge of the formation of the clergy in the Vicariate of the Archdiocese of Mexico;

Rev. Rafael de Ojeda,

Member of the chapter of canons for the cathedral of the diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and penitentiary canon for the same diocese.

Romana, n. 70, January-December 2020, p. 115.

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