São Paulo, Brazil -- On the Path of the New Evangelization

To help meet the challenge of the new evangelization presented by the recent Popes, the Estela Cultural Center in São Paulo organized several conferences on topics related to fashion, professional competence and ethics.

The journalist Maria Inêz Migliaccio, a specialist in the anthropology of fashion at the University of Navarra, stressed the need for clothing that follows the dictates of elegance and harmony, so that a modern Christian woman can fulfill her role in today’s society in a worthy and humanly dignified way.

Professor Sofia Albrech, a doctor in Law and Family Sciences, spoke on “How neuropsychology can contribute to the educational process,” in her conference directed to mothers and educational professionals.

The third session, “Emotional intelligence in work,” was held in the context of a workshop. Led by Vera Pinheiro, a doctor in Library Science, she focused on the importance of work that is well done, recalling the teachings of St. Josemaría in that regard.

Finally Carolina Delaye, a gynecologist and specialist in bioethics, offered a cycle of four lectures on the “Theology of the Body,” inspired by the teachings of St. John Paul II. She stirred up a lot of interest among the group of young professionals preparing for marriage. They were especially attracted by the ideal of a family where love for life and human dignity were a reflection of the love between the spouses.

Romana, n. 59, July-December 2014, p. 370.

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