Bogotá, Colombia -- Making Family and Work Compatible

On September 5-6, experts from the United States, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina gathered in the auditorium of the Cosmos 100 Hotel in Bogotá for the seventh annual International Conference on the Family.

The conference centered on a topic of great importance for families and society: how to harmonize family life with professional life, two dimensions of great importance for the human person, but which today seem more frequently to collide rather than cooperate. The event was attended by more than 600 educators, business people, political leaders and parents, who exchanged experiences and successful approaches.

The conference was organized by the Family Institute at the University of the Sabana, with the collaboration of academics and researchers from institutes, universities, and research centers from a number of different countries, who are engaged in studying the current state of the family, with its opportunities and threats.

In the framework of this gathering, the award of National Recognition for the Strengthening of the Institution of the Family was given, awarded to people and institutions involved in fostering and strengthening healthy families.

Romana, n. 59, July-December 2014, p. 371.

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