Lima, Peru -- Marriage and the New Evangelization

The Centro de Estudios y Comunicación organized a symposium entitled “The role of marriage and the family in the new evangelization.” The conference, which took place on July 16 in the Lima campus of the University of Piura, included the participation of Rev. Rafael Diaz Dorronsoro, lecturer at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, and Rev. Ramiro Pellitero, professor at the University of Navarra in Spain. Professor Diaz Dorronsoro centered his presentation on the specific contributions of the man and the woman in the family and on the keys for an enduring and fruitful conjugal communion. Rev. Pellitero, in turn, spoke about the relationship between the Church, “the family of God,” and the family, “the domestic Church, and why the family is the best place to learn the culture of life and the meaning of human and Christian love.

Romana, n. 59, July-December 2014, p. 367.

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