Santiago, Chile -- The Family, Creator of Humanity

The Family Science Institute at the University of the Andes held a conference entitled The Family, Creator of Humanity. Those giving presentations looked at the main challenges confronting society in this area and pointed out ways to strengthen life in the home and build up a more human society. “Education is teaching people to love, and the family is the environment where the human person is accepted unconditionally and the setting in which everyone can help to transform the world,” was the message of Tomas Melendo, doctor in Educational Science and Philosophy at the University of Navarra.

The August 7 meeting was presided over by the president of the University, José Antonio Guzman, who expressed his gratitude for the strong response to this initiative. He stressed that the scientific study of the institution of the family is a matter of priority in these times of dizzying changes. He said that there is a great need to explain, in new ways, the essential importance of marital fidelity, the anthropological reasons for marriage being a union between a man and a woman, and the value of the family in the formation of future generations.

Romana, n. 59, July-December 2014, p. 368.

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