Sydney, (Australia) -- Home Traditions

In July 2012, Kenvale College began “Home Traditions,” a one-year diploma in home-management skills. One of the students, Ginny Gonzaga, explained that “the strength of a society depends on the solidity of its families, built up in the home environment. When the home and family lose their priority, the repercussions are evident: broken marriages, juvenile delinquency, addictions, mental health problems, etc.” For Gonzaga, the tasks within the home “make an essential contribution to society, since a well-run home fosters the well-being, security and dignity of the person.” The course guides participants through the various domestic tasks—budgeting and finance, time management, care for beauty and traditions, food preparation, etc. This is complemented by classes in anthropology that help to show the deep human meaning of this profession.

Romana, n. 56, January-June 2013, p. 115.

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