Cañete, (Peru) -- 50 Years of Condoray

This past May 24, in a solemn ceremony, the Municipality of Cañete honored the Condoray Institute with its Civic Medal, in recognition of the work carried out over fifty years in assisting local development. This includes the starting of more than 4,000 micro-businesses by women, the training of 10,000 young women for technical careers, etc.

“Education has been the key to attaining true promotion for women in this region,” said Milagros Panta, Executive Director of the Condoray Center for the Professional Formation of Women situated in the Valley of Cañete. “We try to foster an integral development that includes all human dimensions, including the spiritual. We seek not only the material progress of women and their families, but also an integral human formation.” Drawing inspiration from the spirit of St. Josemaria, this center has developed various programs to help women live in accord with their dignity and find suitable work. Presently Condoray offers technical courses with official validation in Hotel Services and Secretarial and Accounting skills. These courses provide employment opportunities for many girls from low income backgrounds. The school also carries out other programs in 17 rural communities: work training; personal and family development; community development, including improving housing, nutritional health, and hygiene. The Center for Business Formation, another of the programs, provides training for creating a small business, which permits the women to increase their family income.

Romana, n. 56, January-June 2013, p. 122-123.

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