San José, (Costa Rica) -- Digital Identity Forum

During Holy Week in 2013, the Miravalles University Center organized a forum on human identity in the digital world. Twenty university students from Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama took part. The Panamerican Giancarlos Candanedo, who works in the communications field, reflected on the positive effects attained by some social networks, giving as an example @Pontifex on Twitter. The Venezuelan columnist Hermann Petzold said that there will always be critics of the social networks, but that “not everything found there is frivolous and one can develop relationships with valuable people.” He pointed to one of the risks social networks bring with them, namely creating virtual profiles with false attributes. The solution, said Petzold, lies in reestablishing consistency between the virtual and the physical worlds: “falsehood and truth are the same offline as online.” During the various sessions, essential characteristics of all efforts to communicate effectively were emphasized that also apply to the digital world: veracity, opportuneness, credibility, consistency, and respect.

Romana, n. 56, January-June 2013, p. 115.

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