Montevideo, (Uruguay) -- Academic Reflections on Life

On Tuesday May 7, before an audience of several hundred people in Montevideo’s Radisson Hotel, Dr. Tabaré Vazquez presented the book Veto al aborto, produced by the School of Law at the University of Montevideo. As President of Uruguay, five years earlier, Tabaré Vazquez had vetoed a law seeking to liberalize abortion. On this occasion he remarked that “beyond its striking title, this book is an academic work, the fruit of extensive studies, profound reflections, and a good dose of common sense.” The volume contains 15 articles that develop, from various perspectives, the arguments that the then President expressed in his message of November 14, 2008 to the General Assembly of the legislative branch.

Romana, n. 56, January-June 2013, p. 118.

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