A symposium in Jaén on “St. Josemaria and Youth”

The Catalina Mir Foundation has been holding an annual symposium dedicated to the message that St. Josemaría transmitted to the 21st century generations. The inaugural ceremony for this year’s event took place on November 19, led by the Mayor of Jaén, Carmen Peñalver.

An audience of more than 700 people attended, eager to learn more about the teachings of the saint. The first conference was given by the Psychiatrist Enrique Rojas Montes: “Educating means attracting by values.” The philosopher Jaime Nubiola encouraged those attending to “flee from the fear of thinking.” The roundtables opened up a broad array of topics. Among other speakers, the writer Miguel Aranguren told of his experience in editing stories; the architect Elisa Valero spoke about “dangerous idleness”; the actor Santi Rodríguez, well known to Spanish TV viewers, defended the importance of standing up as a Christian among one’s friends; while Diego Poole, Professor of Law, made the audience laugh by recalling his performance as a clown in an audience with John Paul II.

On November 20th the symposium was concluded by Cardinal Julian Herranz and the Vicar of Opus Dei for Eastern Anadalusia, Fr. Antonio Luque. Cardinal Herranz’s talk was entitled “God and Daring: a Saint who was Always Young,” while “Through the Mountains” was the title chosen by Fr. Antonio for his presentation.

Romana, n. 51, January-January 2010, p. 363-364.

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