The Founder among the streets of Italy

St. Josemaría has a street or plaza dedicated to him in many localities in Italy. In the past six months, the municipalities of Marano, Teramo, and Pescara have been added to this list. In Terama, the local authorities dedicated a plaza to him situated at the entrance to the university. In Pescara, the mayor of the city, Luigi Albore Mascia, recalled that the Founder of Opus Dei had stayed there during the summer of 1967. “St. Josemaría,” he said, “is the ‘saint of ordinary life,’ as Pope Wojtyla described him. A saint for whom order, cheerfulness, laboriousness and determination were very important.” In Marano, the dedication of a plaza to St. Josemaría was the result of the initiative of several people from that city.

Romana, n. 51, January-January 2010, p. 363.

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