The Auxiliary Vicar: Msgr. Mariano Fazio Brings the Affection and Support of the Prelate of Opus Dei to Lebanon (September 9 to 14, 2011)

The Auxiliary Vicar of the Prelature traveled to Lebanon from September 9-14, at the request of the Prelate, Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz. Don Mariano Fazio brought the affection and support of the Prelate to a people going through an unprecedented social and economic crisis, aggravated by the explosion in the port of Beirut in August 2020 and the effects of COVID-19. “You are going through material circumstances that make life difficult,” Msgr. Fazio told them, “but you have a great treasure, your faith, which enables you to see with hope that God uses all this to make us better. Be people who spread hope to those around you, who are attentive to others.”

The Auxiliary Vicar and the Regional Vicar prayed together in the monastery of St. Maroun, where the relics of St. Charbel are kept. During his stay in the country, Msgr. Mariano Fazio received many people who take part in the activities of Christian formation that the Prelature offers in Beirut, Jounieh and Maad. He passed on to them the Prelate’s invitation to accompany Pope Francis daily with their prayer and encouraged them to deepen their knowledge of the content of Msgr. Ocáriz’s pastoral letters.

Romana, n. 73, July-December 2021, p. 77.

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