Tegucigalpa, Honduras -- Symposium on the Encyclical Laudato si’

On June 2nd, the Academic Committee of the Guaymura University Center organized a symposium on the Encyclical Laudato si’, on the occasion of the first anniversary of its publication and the celebration of the 35th anniversary of this university center. Presentations were given by Gracia de Villeda, a lawyer and university professor, and a member of the Honduran delegation for the International Summit Conference on Women at Beijing; Leonardo Casco Fortin, a Honduran lawyer and entrepreneur; Christian Wing, a philosopher and businessman; and Luis Zelaya, an engineer and rector of the Central American Technical University (UNITEC) in Honduras.

The speakers commented on various aspects of the encyclical from the perspective of their specialization. The event was closed by Archbishop Novatus Rugambwa, apostolic nuncio in Honduras.

Romana, n. 62, January-June 2016, p. 162.

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