Madrid -- 50th Anniversary of Retamar School

The Retamar School recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Under the impulse of St. Josemaría, the educational center opened in October 1966. On the occasion of this anniversary, forty former students, now priests, concelebrated with Archbishop Carlos Osoro of Madrid, at a Mass in which the sacrament of Confirmation was also administered to a group of students.

From its beginnings, the school’s Christian inspiration has been shown in activities of solidarity, carried out by teachers and students: helping in soup kitchens, visits to the aged, sick and needy, etc. Over the last ten years volunteer work camps have been organized in various countries of Africa, as well as in the Holy Land, Russia, and many other places.

Two especially memorable events during these past fifty years were the visit of St. Josemaría on October 28, 1972, and that of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, on November 24, 1993.

Romana, n. 62, January-June 2016, p. 163-164.

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