Italy -- Referees for Harambee

On March 19 and 20, the referees for the first division games in the Italian soccer league wore—in the warm-ups for each game—a tee shirt with the name Harambee on it to support the projects which this association, born in connection with the canonization of St. Josemaría, fosters in various African countries. Since October 2002, Harambee has collaborated in 59 initiatives by various organizations operating in Africa to improve the conditions of life for many people. Among those currently underway, most notable are the project to assist missionary hospitals in two regions of Kenya, the Wale health center in the Ivory Coast, several schools for young children in Sierra Leon, Cameroon, and Botswana, and a training center for future business people in Mvimwa, Tanzania.

Romana, n. 62, January-June 2016, p. 162.

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