São Paulo, Brazil -- Pastoral Care and Mercy

For the opening of the Holy Year of Mercy, twenty-five seminarians from six dioceses of the State of São Paulo gathered at the Ibiúna Cultural Center to reflect more deeply on pastoral care and mercy and forgiveness in the light of the Papal Bull Misericordiae Vultus.

The working sessions were supervised by Rev. José Eduardo de Oliveira, a professor of Moral Theology in the São Bento School of São Paulo, Rev. Francisco Faus and other priests.

Frequent reference was made to the teachings of St. Josemaría on mercy, forgiveness and the sacrament of joy.

The symposium was accompanied by a photographic exposition on the encyclical, put together by the students of the photography class at the Taular Institute of Technology, who had sent this material to Pope Francis a few days earlier.

Romana, n. 62, January-June 2016, p. 163.

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