The Way: Five Million Copies

The Way, the first book written by St. Josemaría, has passed the five million mark in number of copies printed. Since its first printing in 1939, it has been translated into 51 languages with a total of 512 different editions and reprintings.

In 1966, during an interview in Le Figaro, the author explained how The Way had been written: “I wrote a good part of that book in 1934, summarizing my priestly experience for the benefit of all the souls with whom I was in contact—whether they were in Opus Dei or not. I never suspected that thirty years later it would be spread so widely—millions of copies in so many languages.” He advised people to read it “with at least some supernatural spirit, interior life, and apostolic feeling. It is not a code for the man of action. The books aim is to help one to become God’s friend, to love him, and to serve everyone.”

The book contains 999 points for personal meditation, born of the priestly work and prayer life of St. Josemaría. It covers a wide variety of topics in Christian life: love of God, character, apostolate, prayer, work, and virtues.

Romana, n. 61, July-December 2015, p. 312.

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