Seventh St. Josemaría Escrivá Conference on the Arts

On November 11, the poet Carlos Murciano, recipient of the Spanish national prize for poetry and for children’s and young people’s literature, gave the Seventh Annual St. Josemaría Conference on the Arts, in the Moncloa Student Residence in Madrid. This academic act honors each year artists who have stood out for the quality of their work and for its strongly Christian meaning. St. Josemaría began the Moncloa Residence with the desire that university students could pursue their studies in an environment of freedom, academic excellence, and work well done, in order to serve society better by cultivating a greater sensitivity towards all that is truly human, as the basis for a trusting relationship with God. Since its start, many artists, writers and poets have lived in and been associated with this student residence.

Romana, n. 61, July-December 2015, p. 311-312.

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