Paris (France) -- "May '68: both heritage and stock-taking"

On Saturday May 24, a conference was held in the Garnelles Cultural Center on the theme: “May ’68: both heritage and stock-taking.” Participating were Gérard Leclerc, journalist and author of many books; Professor Fabrice Hadjadj, a philosopher and dramatist, and Jean-Pierre le Goff, a philosopher and sociologist from the Georges Friedman laboratory (Paris I-CNRS), author of Mai 68, l'héritage impossible, among other titles. Moderator of the colloquium was the philosopher Vincent Aubin. “The walls of May,” “May 68: self-celebration and impossible heritage” and “Nihilism or an irruption of the Spirit” were the titles of the three presentations, which were followed by a lively interchange of questions and answers.

Romana, n. 46, January-June 2008, p. 147.

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