Asuncion (Paraguay) -- Workshop on human virtues for mothers

The MASERFA Association (Mothers at the Service of the Family) organized a cycle of talks on Education in the Human Virtues. In eleven meetings the topics covered included: education in the virtues, sincerity, friendship, drawing close to God, affectivity and feelings, and how mothers need especially the virtues of fortitude, patience and hope.

The workshop was directed to young mothers at the stage of the initial formation of their children. The meetings use the case method. Each of the participants analyzes a situation based on real life, and proposes a plan of action.

The program was repeated in a private school in Asuncion. This time it was for fathers of young children. Those taking part appreciated the practicality of the sessions, and the directors of the school asked that the workshop be offered for other age groups.

Romana, n. 46, January-June 2008, p. 142.

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