75 Years of Opus Dei in Great Britain

The series of short videos produced by the Digito Identity company about Opus Dei in Great Britain on the occasion of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the arrival of the first members of the Work in the country is being well received. Each video contains a few minutes of testimony from a person who explains what Opus Dei has added to his or her life.

One of the first of these features Ilyas, who lived in Netherhall House, a university residence organized by people of Opus Dei in London, during his student days, when he was still a Muslim. He expresses his thanks for the understanding and respect with which he was treated there, in contrast to the negative discrimination he had previously experienced. Over the years he received the gift of the Christian faith. Today he runs a successful company in the field of quantum computing.

Julia, a stylist and image consultant living in London, was baptized as an adult after meeting a young man who practiced his faith. They were married when she was 21. Later she came into contact with Opus Dei in Mexico, where she, her husband and their two children (both adopted, as she was unable to have any children) lived for a few years.

Paul, from Manchester, also came to practice his faith through his girlfriend, Sofi, now his wife. Opus Dei, he says, helps him to keep striving to be a good husband and a good father.

Romana, n. 74, January-June 2022, p. 96.

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