Romanian website for St. Josemaría

The St. Josemaría website has now been put online in a new language: Rumanian. The Rumanian language, like others of southern Europe, is derived directly from Latin, despite the fact that Rumania is separated from the other Romance language communities by Slavic-speaking countries. There are 21.5 million Rumanians although many of them live outside the country. Most Rumanians (86%) belong to the Orthodox Church, but there are also a significant number of Catholics and Protestants. The country has some ten million internet users. Thanks to this website, many of them, as well as other Rumanian-speaking internet users, such as those in the Moldavian Republic and other countries, will be able to access the writings, teachings, and news related to St. Josemaría.

Romana, n. 54, January-June 2012, p. 117.

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