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Works of St. Josemaría

In the first half of 1912, the first Latvian edition of Christ Is Passing By was published in Riga. In Mexico two new printings of The Way (the 55th and 56th Mexican printings) were published. The 11th Japanese printing of The Way has also been published (with a new translation, based on notes from the critical-historical edition of the book), the 85th Spanish printing, the 16th in Polish, the 7th Peruvian, the 4th in traditional Chinese and the 2nd in Ukrainian (the first edition actually printed in Ukraine since the earlier one had been printed in Germany). In Italy the 12th edition of the trilogy The Way, Furrow, and The Forge has also been printed.

The 5th Costa Rican and the 27th Mexican printings of Holy Rosary were published., The 1st Colombian and the 3rd Costa Rican editions of Via Crucis were printed, as well as an Italian version for electronic devices. Along the same lines, digital editions of the works of St. Josemaría in Spanish have been available for several months from Apple and Amazon.

For the Year of Faith, in Mexico a large printing has been made of the homily “Life of Faith,” included in the book Friends of God. By the end of June more than 10,000 copies had already been distributed; its printing and distribution will continue until the end of the Year of Faith in November of 2013.

Works about St. Josemaría

Ciudad Nuevo has published, for distribution throughout all of Latin America, the book 15 Days with Josemaría Escrivá by Guillaume Derville. This edition includes a prologue by journalist Jorge Rouillon entitled “Josemaría Escrivá: A Latin-American Saint.”

In the United Kingdom, the Catholic Truth Society published A Man Who Knew How to Forgive, by Francesc Faus, a translation of the Brazilian original. Brazil, in its turn, has sent to the bookstores a translation of the biography of St. Josemaría written by Michele Dolz.

In Spain the book 366 Quotes from St. Josemaría Escrivá (Edibesa) was published, an anthology of texts selected by Eleuterio Fernandez Guzmán. Also the third printing of Vol. I of Vida Cotidiana y Santidad en la enseñanza of san Josemaría, by Ernst Burkhart and Javier López, has been published.

In the United States a second (enlarged) edition of Dennis M. Helming’s book Footprints in the Snow: a Pictorial Biography of Josemaría Escrivá, the Founder of Opus Dei, has been published. In addition, Our Sunday Visitor Press, in Huntington, Indiana, published the book by Eric Sammons entitled Holiness for Everyone: The Practical Spirituality of St. Josemaría Escrivá.

The Saint Josemaría Institute has prepared a guide about the movie There Be Dragons, directed by Roland Joffé. The movie, which recreates some aspects of St. Josemaría’s life within the framework of a fictional narrative, is being distributed as a DVD after its run in movie houses. The aim of the guide is to offer useful information for debate sessions and movie clubs. It can be downloaded from the website of the Saint Josemaría Institute: www.stJosemaría.org.

In Indonesia the first edition of Seirama Langkah Tuhan. Biografi Santo Josemarí Escrivá (Obor), has been published. This is the Indonesian translation of At God’s Pace, a biography of St. Josemaría written by François Gondrand.

In Peru, the Panamericana TV television network has transmitted the documentary Qué bien se está en el Perú, on devotion to the founder of Opus Dei in that country. The video, made by Dígito Identidad, collects testimonies of people from various cities who speak about favors received through St. Josemaría’s intercession. The favors are quite varied in scope: extraordinary cures, help in regard to work, in the family, in financial matters, etc.

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