Guatemala City -- 50 Years for Kinal

The Kinal Technological Training Center in Guatemala City celebrated its 50th anniversary on March 11. The commemoration began with a Mass of Thanksgiving presided over by Archbishop Oscar Julio Vian in the cathedral. Concelebrating were the Regional Vicar of Opus Dei in Guatemala, Msgr. Francis Wurmser Ordoñez, and the chaplain of the educational center. The cathedral was filled with students, their families and teaching personnel, and many others who have generously supported this work throughout the years.

Kinal is a corporate apostolate of Opus Dei which offers secondary and technical education in the areas of automotive mechanics, industrial electricity, industrial electronics, computer programming and technical design. In addition, through its Advanced Technical School, it trains adults who have been working without a recognized certification in these areas.

Every year Kinal provides the country with more than 200 specialized technicians. Some obtain part time work which enables them to carry out university studies, while others work full time.

The Kinal Foundation raises and administers a generous scholarship fund. Each student pays the amount that his family can contribute, which is jointly determined by the family and the administrators of Kinal on the basis of a socioeconomic study.

In the Mayan language, Kinal means the “place where fire is born” or “place of light.” It is a reference to the large number of volcanoes that tower over the geography of Guatemala, and that are seen as a symbol of strength and majestic nobility. The present facilities, inaugurated in 1987, include 28 classrooms, 9 workshops, 11 specialized laboratories, 7 computer labs, an oratory, library, auditorium and cafeteria.

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