Casa Blanca, Uruguay -- Work camp in Paysandú

In March, 48 university students who take part in formative activities of the Prelature arrived at Casa Blanca, located in the impoverished Paysandú district some 240 miles from the capital of Uruguay. Here they spent five days repairing a small chapel over a hundred-years-old, and visited needy families in the area. Among other things, they replaced the roof of a house for a family without financial means. They also began work on a site for a future rural school. The young volunteers, with the help of people from the area, cut down some trees and bushes to clear several fields. Donations from individuals and businesses provided the funds to carry out these repairs. Working alongside the people of Casa Blanca was an enriching experience and they were able to get to know the current situation of the village and determine the most urgent projects for the future.

Romana, n. 52, January-June 2011, p. 138.

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