Port-au-Prince, Haiti -- A drop of solidarity in an ocean of need

A group of students from North Hall Residence in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago spent the month of July in Haiti to assist in the reconstruction of two schools affected by the tragic earthquake the previous January. Before going the students spent time collecting food and medicines in Trinidad and Tobago: “For several weeks,” one of the university students said, “we visited various supermarkets and asked customers to give us food that we could take to the other island. We were surprised by everyone’s generosity.”

The students worked on the reconstruction of the Saint Rose of Lima and St. Rosalia schools. Some of the buildings resisted the earthquake, but others were reduced to rubble, like most of the buildings in the capital.

The students slept in tents. The day began with Holy Mass and a period of prayer. Then came breakfast and work. “Before leaving,” said one of the participants, “we were able to paint many rooms that were restored to use. Also, thanks to a professor of Haitian art, we organized a painting workshop with students from the school he works in. We selected the 100 best paintings and brought them back to Trinidad, and exhibited them in an art gallery. The money that we raise from selling them will be sent to the sisters who run the schools in Port-au-Prince.”

Romana, n. 51, January-January 2010, p. 384.

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