Nairobi, Kenya -- “Go Getters Leadership Course”

During the past month of January the Faida Girl’s Club started a program designed to help young girls develop their leadership potential. The course, entitled “Go Getters Leadership Course,” ended on July 3rd with a graduation ceremony in which 38 girls from various schools in Nairobi received diplomas.

The director of the course was Gladys Ogallo, one of the recipients of the “Top Forty Under Forty” prize, a prestigious award that recognizes the achievements of Kenyan women in positions of leadership. The course modules covered the various challenges that young girls who desired to dedicate themselves to the administration and directing of businesses would encounter: “Time Management,” “Goal Setting,” “Problem Solving,” “Decision Making” and “Teamwork.”

Each of the students was involved in a planning project to meet a specific need in their immediate community: in school, in their family, or in the area where they lived. In drawing up this plan, the students put into practice what they had learned in the course.

Romana, n. 51, January-January 2010, p. 382.

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