Nairobi, Kenya -- Seventh African Congress on Ethics

Strathmore University held its Seventh African Congress on Ethics. This Congress has become well known in East Africa for its contribution to the struggle against corruption. Seeing the findings of these conferences, the Kenyan Government asked the University to draw up a charter of ethical values for the country that could serve as a basis for future development policies.

More than 300 professionals attended this seventh congress, among whom were politicians, businessmen, educators, and lawyers. Some forty presentations were made by experts from 17 nations. Among the lecturers were Jess Estanislaos (from the Philippines), John Bermel and Sophia Aguirre (United States), Adhiti Gupta (India), Joe Oloka (Uganda), Santiago Martinez (Finland), Patrick Rafolisy (Jerusalem), and Jae Park (Hong Kong). Taking part from Kenya were Catherine Dean, Irene Ngunjiri, Elizabeth Gachenga, Prisca Oluoch, and Jennifer Byarugaba, among others.

The Congress was opened by the Minister of Justice, Mutula Kilonzo, and by the President of the country’s College of Lawyers. The closing act featured Dr. Patrick Lumumba, a prestigious African orator and director of the “Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission.” His address served as a platform to launch a campaign against corruption that was widely echoed in public opinion during the following weeks.

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