Rome (Italy) -- Pastry and volunteering

A pastry competition was held in the Arcogrande Club for a group of Rome’s teenage girls. Some were more expert at baking, others less so. But all at least wanted to learn. For those with less experience, recipes were provided for possible products.

Prizes were given for the most appetizing pastry, as well as for the most original and the most elaborate one. Overcoming their natural inclination to consume the pastries, the girls brought them to the Dono di Maria, a “soup kitchen” near St. Peter’s Basilica. Their pastries, and above all their friendliness, provided an agreeable interlude for the homeless people who patronize the establishment.

Activities in the Arcogrande Club include classes in Christian formation, sports, and volunteer work. With regard to the latter, a very popular program is one that provides help to the aged on Sunday afternoons, twice a month.

Romana, n. 44, January-June 2007, p. 163.

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